A plan for the New Year

thWe all come up with resolutions of things we’re going to do when the new year rolls around. Sometimes we acknowledge them, sometimes we don’t. But the truth is, somewhere in our minds is a little voice saying we should or shouldn’t do something new in the new year.

My list of things this year is very realistic, I think. But I wanted to share them anyway, because it’s easier to stay accountable to things if people know they’re there. So, here is my list for 2014:

1. Read more. I want to spend, at a minimum, 20 minutes a day reading.

2. Facebook less. I don’t need to spend the entire evening on Facebook. There are so many other things I could be doing. (See #1, #3, #4, etc.)

3. Write more. Whether that means a fanfiction I’ve been working on, a blog post, or just journaling, I need to do more of it.

4. Learn more. I’ve wanted to take a photography class, a pottery class, and some other kind of class fora while. I need to do it….

5. Put more money in my savings account. This needs to be one of the first things I do each time I get paid. It needs to be on par with the car payment.

6. Start going for more walks. Okay, this probably will wait until the weather warms up a bit. I live in a great neighborhood for walking though, so I need to just do it. I enjoy it, so I have no excuses.

7. Stop going out for lunch as often at work. This kind of goes hand in hand with putting more money in my savings account, but this is something that is easy to fix. I just need to buckle down and do it.

8. Finish my knitting projects. Really. No starting any new ones until I polish off at least two or three of the current works in progress.

That’s it! I know, they’re not exciting, but they are realistic. What are some of your goals for 2014??


Take pictures. Hang them on the fridge next to the spelling test.

Tonight, and, on average, three times a year, I make the pilgrimage to the school my husband teaches band at to see and hear their concerts. I don’t really know any of the kids in the band or the chorus, but my husband has been teaching at the same school for over 10 years, so it’s always fun to visit and see how the different groups perform.

These kids are really talented, and they’ve worked really hard to put out quality performances. The teachers have worked really hard with the students to teach them both proper performance technique and music skills (which, as an aside, has been shown to improve scores in the rest of their education). No, it’s not going to be a professional caliber performance by any means – they are kids, after all. They are showcasing all they have learned, all they know how, and quite possibly learning how to overcome stage fright, anxiety, peer pressure, and so on.

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What does your personality say about you?

You may have, at one time or another, referred to yourself as an introvert or an extravert.

You may not know what it means to be an introvert or an extravert.

You may have taken an online personality test and come back with some series of four letters that supposedly identifies you as some personality type. Some people call it the Meyer’s-Briggs Type Indicator. Some refer to it as Keirsey temperaments. Some people call it that fun quiz on Facebook.

The question for me is, What does your personality say about you?

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