PAX East 2013: A Retrospective Series – Part 4


Well, we’ve finally hit the Sunday recap – the last day of the amazing weekend of PAX East 2013.

The morning started with me catching up with my husband, and our friend Kim who had ridden down with him, and then getting in the queue line to try to get in line for the Expo Hall floor. My husband and I were trying to make a beeline for the line for Elder Scrolls Online’s playable demo, but by the time I made it alllllll the way across the floor (the exact opposite corner of where I was starting from) it was a three hour wait in line. I said, “to heck with it!” and continued on to some other areas around the floor. We connected with our friend Henry, and went off to check out the new Might and Magic X playable demo, that had pretty much NO line.


Me testing the game


Boss fight in the demo


Henry tests out another Might and Magic game

We had one last panel on the gamification of education that we wanted to get to, and it was a good thing we got in line when we did. Paladin and I JUST made the cut off! JayRain did join us in the line as well, since she teaches high school.


Thought this was a good presentation, it wasn’t the best panel I’d sat in on all weekend. The two I sat in on Friday were much better. However, these presenters did a great job at making their information accessible after the fact, and I have found myself going back to reference it several times since that presentation.

This is a video of the presentation, and if you have about an hour to spare, it is great to watch it. (I wish I could find video’s of the rest of the presentations, specifically the one about Badges and the one by Steve Swink, both on Friday.)

After that, it was off to the tabletop gaming session, where my husband, Henry and I tested out D&D Next – the new, unreleased edition of Dungeon’s and Dragons. Both our group and the gameplay was great! That took us from 1-3, and we really enjoyed it. It did not feel like two hours of play time. The feel of it is simpler, allowing players to spend more time doing actual role playing and adventuring, and less worrying about skills and the like.

After that, it was dinner, a last hike around the floor to buy some dice, and off to retrieve my suitcase to make the trip home.

It was am AMAZING weekend. People always wonder why I mention PAX Withdrawal Syndrome (PWS) each year after PAX. I will definitely be going for three days next year, and staying, hopefully, in the same hotel. If you plan to go, let me know. I’d love to connect and make some new friends!

Mass Effect panel - Didn't stay for the whole thing...

Mass Effect panel – Didn’t stay for the whole thing…

2013-03-24 17.33.14

Autographed limited edition print and card!

2013-03-24 22.58.16

My super awesome super tiny dice!


Newegg’s build-a-rig contest. My husband should have entered.


Our friend Scott cosplaying as Dio.


My pretty new dice from my husband!


Henry, Bard, JayRain in the back
Paladin, Kim and Me in the front.
Great friends and a great weekend!


Me at the BioWare photo booth!


2 thoughts on “PAX East 2013: A Retrospective Series – Part 4

  1. So going through withdrawal right now… at least our gamification course starts today!

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