PAX East 2013: A Retrospective Series – Part 2

I swear, they're not for me!

I swear, they’re not for me!

Hopefully you saw how I spent my Friday Morning at PAX East 2013. If you did, then you know that even just the start to my day. If you didn’t, well, you’re missing out! My Friday morning panel was great!

I spent some time after lunch at the ESO Food Truck, I returned back and hung out on the floor a bit. At 5:30, I headed to my second panel for the day – about “badges” in education. Now, I don’t mean badges like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts earn, though there is certainly nothing wrong with those. But we’re talking more along the lines of something similar to gaming achievements.


So, in a nutshell, it’s the idea that people can earn badges based on things they know (They used the FIRST Lego robotics competition as an example – kids learning computer programming), and then being able to see that if they continue on in that method, this is a field they could end up in. It is really complicated to try and explain. I wish I could find some more about it online. But the best I can do is suggest that you check out the site to learn more about it. The concept has some great ideas with it, though, and I love the whole idea. I can just see myself taking this and running with it!

The whole time I was there, I found myself wishing I had my laptop so I could email my boss all the information I was getting. Of course, I planned to do it Friday night, but I was so tired, that definitely didn’t happen. (I did get to have that conversation with her today though. More on that another time.)

After that session, it was back to the hotel for a quick bite to eat, then I headed BACK to PAX for some fun in the evening.
I’ll apologize now for the poor quality in the video – I was way in the back and it was kind of hard to hear.

I stayed for a while, but not super late. I was sick, and needed to get some good sleep in. Plus, on Saturday, my friend Amanda was going to be coming to meet me at PAX!

Coming up next – Saturday recap of PAX East! What was your favorite session there on Friday?


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