Phone post #1

So, I am trying out this whole Android app to post.
I know I am behind in my 30 days, but I have to been super busy this week. I broke my foot last week, but continued to walk on it for a week. I finally got it looked at and am in a boot and on crutches. This is going to take some ge


tting used to, especially at work. Kender blinged out my boot for me, as you see.
The weather we are having is not great for boots or crutches either, making me not wanting to use either. Blah.
Anyway, that’s all for now. Will get back to 30 days soon!


One thought on “Phone post #1

  1. bearonthecouch

    Wow, she sure did! That is the blingiest (medical) boot I’ve ever seen 🙂

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