30 Days of Truth: Day 9 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

There are a lot of people I’ve let go of in my life, just because that’s the way life goes. The people we think we’ll be friends with forever are the people we lose touch with down the road, and the people we think we’ll never see again become our best friends.

This particular post makes me think of two of my best friends from high school.

The first one, whom I will call Goober (it’s a long, but very funny story!) and I were inseparable starting our freshman year and straight through our senior year. Rarely did you see one us without the other. We had a notebook we passed back and forth with notes, and took a sign language class at the place our moms worked. I’ll never forget the time we got yelled at for being to loud… while we were talking in sign language!

The other friend, I’ll call Nell, just because. Another inseparable friend in high school, she and I helped each other through some very bad boyfriend situations as we got out of high school. We both moved back to our respective home towns after taking some time off from college, and we did a LOT of fun things together.

Sadly, life got in the way. We all moved, we had different interests, we did different things in life, we had very different ambitions. Lovely ladies, both of them. And I miss them dearly, and the friendships we had. I tried to forage ahead with the relationships, but after not getting returned phone calls, it was time to just acknowledge that we had moved on.

Oh, I keep in touch with Nell, but our lives are in different parts of the country now. I still love her dearly, so lady, if you’re reading this, come home to visit soon!


6 thoughts on “30 Days of Truth: Day 9 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

  1. I swear we could be twins.

  2. This happened with me and my college roommate. We’d been in high school together and knew each other, but just as acquaintances. Then second semester of freshman year, she transferred to my school. We grew close, roomed together the rest of our time at school, and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. A couple years after she got married she and her husband moved to Florida. I visited once, and then things sort of did their thing and we drifted. We’re facebook friends now, but rarely interact, just because our lives are so far removed and so different. I’m sure if we reconnected it’d be wonderful, but our lives have diverged a lot.

    • Yeah, that kind of happened to me and my college roommate too. However, she moved to California. But, when we DO see each other, it’s like things never changed – we always have fun together. It helps, though, that I’m friends with her husband too, because they were dating while we were in college.

  3. Chris and I were semi-bitter rivals in high school, to the point where he swore at me at marching band rehearsal one night! We started hanging out his senior year, but it took 500 miles of separation for us to actually become good friends (online), and even though we don’t talk a ton now, we always know we’re there for each other.

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