30 Days of Truth: Day 1 – Something I Love About Myself


Originally, this was supposed to be “Something I hate about myself,” but I decided that I shouldn’t start a new blogging challenge on such a negative note, so I took the liberty of swapping days one and two.

So, something I love about myself, hmm?

I think that one of the things I like best about myself is that I am a fiercely devoted friend. Almost to a fault. But I also think it’s one of my best qualities. I take my friendships very seriously. 

I don’t mean that I only have serious relationships with my friends. I mean that I’m the friend that if someone wrongs one of MY friends, they better run for their lives. This goes for my family too, especially my husband and my daughter. 

I think when people hear this question, they immediately thing that the answer should be “I have nice eyes,” or “I can make people laugh.” I don’t think enough people think about their qualities as a person. We look to much on the surface, and try to look too much into what’s going on with other people. We read in to people, perhaps more than we should.

Today, my goal is to find the good in myself, and to accept people where they are at in their lives, and see the good in the people around me at all times as well.



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