Pucca: Seriously a kids show?

I just had the “pleasure” of watching a 7 minute episode of the show Pucca with Kender this morning. WTF is that show even about??

After some research, apparently it is owned by Disney. It started as a South Korean media franchise – it began in 2000 as an animated greeting card company, and began airing as a TV show in the United States in 2007 (I think…)

Okay, so the episode that Kender and I watched today probably had a story line, but but I’m not entirely sure what it was. There was this ninja guy thing that was doing all this wild jumping and spinning around and stuff, and one of his moves ripped off all of his clothes, and he landed on the ground completely naked, with a censor bar covering his… ahem…

So, try explaining THAT to a 4 year old.

Typically John and I don’t mind letting Kender watch shows that are geared a little bit older than her (within reason – she’s a smart kid), and this show is only geared towards ages 6-11.  But instead, the show gears towards a girl, Pucca, who is in love with obsessed with a boy named Garu. Episodes are spent with her trying to demonstrate her love, and him running away from stalker girl.

The animation should come with a warning for people with epilepsy, too, because it’s so bright and flashy, and moves in such a way that almost makes me motion sick.

I located a video of it on youtube, and embedded it here for you so you can make a judgement. However, I am not really sure what to think about it. I just don’t get it, but I definitely do not think it is appropriate for kids. As a note, this episode must have been edited later to have the character wearing blue underwear when his clothes came off. The one that Kender watched showed his naked behind and a censor bar in the front.

I don’t really even know why I’m sharing this, and why I dislike this show so much. I guess it’s because I see the potential for what could be there – it could be a cute little show or whatever, but it just… isn’t.

When I told Paladin about this episode, and what happens in it, he said, “So, kind of like something from South Park?” And my response was to pause and say, “Yes, pretty much, yeah!”  I felt that to be a fair description of what I’d just watched.

So, Kender is officially not allowed to watch Pucca anymore, at least until she is much, much older. I think she even knew it too, because after the episode was over, and I told her to find something else to watch, she did, and she didn’t even argue.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this show, but these are just my brief musings on it.


5 thoughts on “Pucca: Seriously a kids show?

  1. It’s a cute show in my opinion- just for jokes and nice watching for free time or times of anxiety. Of course it’s not for little kids but maybe 6-11- or older seems fitting. Wish they made characters like (garu) the ninja running away from Pucca more sympathetic. But yes, I agree- but it’s not all too bad. It’s a nice show to laugh at- not to take seriously. 🙂

    But yes a ‘wiser’ mind would enjoy it 🙂

  2. Honestly, I watched this when I was four, I understood the whole thing… I was intelligent (Not to brag) Nor did I have a dirty mind. Pucca was a really good show and it had a good amount of shipping. It’s also very good to laugh at, many people forgot how good it was, although it is still memorable <3.

  3. I know, it’s really late to say this. You may even have figured out by yourself by now, but I don’t want people to misunderstand this show because of your article.
    Seriously, yes this IS a kids show. You’re talking about this character ripping his clothes and going naked, being censored. This is a running joke from the show. This character is always ripping his clothes to show his virility and strenght and stuff, well you got it.
    And this isn’t a censor bar, it’s his underwear. The people in the background aren’t shocked because he’s naked but because his underwear has a heart on it..
    I loved this show when I was kid as well as I still do now, comparing this cute little thing to South Park is kinda insulting.

    • I forgot to say that when I watched it years ago I don’t remember seeing a censor bar, I wonder where you saw that. Maybe it’s just me not remembering well.

  4. What are you talking about? Pucca was an amazingly funny show. Have you really seen South Park episodes???

    I think you’re blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

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