Meeting new friends…. on Facebook?

As some of you reading this know, I have a direct sales business, and so because of it, I’m in a few groups on Facebook for local people who do direct sales to network and exchange ideas, and so on.

Today, a person posted in one of those groups: “awww I just got a facebook spanking for inviting people I don’t know to be friends. This is the only group that I add friends from…that’s just not right. I created this group so that all us NH ladies could network, and I thought part of that was getting to know people. I apologize if my friend requests have bothered anyone.”

Now, I was the first person to respond to this post by saying that I personally don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know, and her response was to say that she didn’t know anything about what I sell, so how could she do business with me?

Now, it would seem to me that this is the ENTIRE point of the group. Why else would you have the group? Did I miss something somewhere?

Someone else chimed in with the analogy that, “Inviting someone to be a friend, in my opinion, is about the same as seeing someone on the street, smiling and saying hi……and having them turn around and walk away……iif [sic] people see it as anything else but trying to be friendly, then they’re probably someone you don’t want to be friends with anyway. I see no reason to report someone for trying to be friendly.”

Okay, let’s break this response down:
1) If someone says hi to me on the street, I’m not running home to find them on Facebook.
2) I am a perfectly friendly person. I’m just not running home to find you on Facebook just because you said hi.
3) It’s NOTHING like saying hi to someone on the street.
4)  “But if you’re passing someone on the street and saying hi, you’re also not chatting about much. Typically, for me, a conversation initiates with something we have in common – “Wow, this is a crazy long line to get an iced coffee, huh?” – and we might chat for a few minutes. Doesn’t mean I’m going to invite them over for dinner and to meet my family that night, though…”

Am I in the minority here? Does my logic make sense to anyone else? People don’t want me to push my business on them. I have a fan page for it on Facebook that people can choose to follow or not. My personal Facebook page is just that – personal. I have my privacy settings set the way I want them, and I share a lot about my family on Facebook. I don’t want just anyone to be my friend on there. That’s not where I want people to connect with me about my business, primarily, unless its a friend or family member.

What are thoughts of the general population? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Why or why not? I’m really curious about this.


2 thoughts on “Meeting new friends…. on Facebook?

  1. bearonthecouch

    I agree 100% with everything you just said! Facebook in my opinion knew what they were doing when they used the word “friend.” It is absolutely nothing like saying hi to someone on the street. I purposely do not friend anyone that I don’t trust to understand (and probably care about at least a significant percentage of) what matters in my life. I don’t share everything on Facebook, but I do share a lot, and the people I share it with MUST be people I actually know, although not necessarily people I’ve face-to-face met, see: you and I. And look – we’re friends even though never once have I passed you on a street, to my knowledge 🙂

    • Exactly. I mean, maybe we have, but who knows. I agree about the not adding someone who you trust to care about your life in some way! That’s why we were given Fan Pages for businesses!

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