Wreaking havoc on my blogging…

Boy, a new job sure does mess with your routines… getting up in the morning feels different, the times you drop off and pick up the kiddo is different, and the blog becomes almost nonexistent.

I’m sure the only people I’ve let down by not blogging is myself and…. myself, but it some weird way, I feel like there might actually be people interested in reading what I have to say.

My job is going REALLY well. I have had really awesome feedback from what I’ve been doing – so far. I feel very appreciated and like an important part of the team. It’s also nice, because there is no one else that does my job, so I have full reign over what I do in my office/classroom. It’s such a cool feeling – very freeing!

My boss  came to check in on Friday, and I got great feedback from her, and someone else pulled her into the room after we met and told her that she thought my boss “finally got it right.” SUCH an amazing feeling!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I just wanted to check in. I need to find something to do to expel some negative energy I’ve had all day. It should be a good weekend, but it got started on the wrong foot, and I’m just frustrated and cranky tonight. I have an order of clothes waiting at my local Fashion Bug, so I think I’ll go pick it up.


One thought on “Wreaking havoc on my blogging…

  1. Indeed! All I can tell people is how much you’ve been loving the new job and how much more valued you feel there. I understand the amazing feeling. This weekend, I found out one of the judges at the festival told one of my chaperones to make sure I don’t ever leave Laconia, If that didn’t validate my value, nothing will. I’m so happy for you!

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