Superbowl Commercial Roundup

Lets face it. 95% of America watches the Super Bowl for the commercials.* So, as I sat there, rooting for my Patriots (*headdesk*), I kept a list of my favorite commercials of this year. Though I was not particularly enamored with most, there were are few that had their moments. And most of them actually had really good music, which was exciting for me.

Another highlight of the commercials was all the throwbacks to the 80’s – ahhh youth! As one friend put it on Facebook, “I am loving all the 80’s references in the commercials this year!” And the first comment said, “All that’s missing is Ferris Beuller!” Not 11 seconds later (and I know this by Facebook time), I looked at my TV screen, and there was Matthew Broderick, telling the world that “life moves pretty fast.”

Okay, now without further ado, I give you my list of favorites and runners up.

Favorite #5:

Toyota Reinvented

Favorite #4:

Etrade baby’s speed dating friend

Favorite #3:

VW’s workout dog with surprise ending

Favorite #2:

Just My Shell from M&M’s

And (drum roll please!) my favorite commercial from the entire Super Bowl….

Favorite Commercial #1:

Audi’s Vampire Party


Now for my runners up:

NE_Bear Coke  commercial

Chevy Silverado Apocolypse

Doritos with the dog/missing cat

Teleflora Valentine (guys, remember this one FOREVER. It’s right on.)


I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

*Not an actual statistic


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