Stop American Censorship

This blog, along with hundreds of other websites around the U.S. and the world are “going dark” for the day of January 18th, to protest SOPA and the Protect IP Act.

If you want to learn more about why SOPA and the Protect IP Act need to be stopped, please watch this video.

Interested in seeing a list of particpating websites?

Click here:


2 thoughts on “Stop American Censorship

  1. SOPA was the first and now we have ACTA that is considerably worse in Europe especially. If you work with YouTube, Facebook or have at any time shared a music clip you will soon be a lawbreaker.

  2. We can, we need to and we’re going stop ACTA. Everyone needs to get engaged and if you’ve got a webpage, operate a webpage or are a participant of a discussion board, you should allow your contributors or similar visitors comprehend what is happening. These laws and regulations weren’t created to help to protect us or to preserve copyright but to shut down any web site which they decide to close down.

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